Vincenzo Lamolinara was born and grew up in Roseto degli Abruzzi, a small town on the Adriatic Coast.

He started drawing as a child, soon transforming his hobby into his greatest passion.

The family environment is a source of continuous artistic stimulation for him, his father is a painter, and his uncle, a sculptor,. Vincenzo studied art and new media at NABA in Milan. He loved digital painting and 3D art and began to make his first experiments.

However, he decided to leave the Bel Paese and move abroad, where he used to work as motion graphic artist and storyboard artist at the animation studio Nucco Brain.

Determined and passionate, continues to study and expand his artistic knowledge, keep experimenting with various techniques both in digital and traditional way.

He currently works as a freelancer in various fields such as advertising, video games, publishing and animation.

However, he always spend time for his personal projects, which he considers essential for his personal and artistic growth.

His works need to communicate something, a message or a feeling.

Vincenzo Lamolinara