Vitaly is one of the most interesting and enterprising digital artists of the last few years, as well as being highly productive, and not only in the entertainment industry.

His professional history begins after completing his studies at the Technical University of Moldova, when he finds a job as a cinematic artist at Blizzard Entertainment.

Here Vitaly worked as a 3D character modeler for the creation of Starcraft 2, Diablo 3 and the World of Warcraft franchise.

From the videogames industry he moved on to the film industry, collaborating with giants such as Industrial Light & Magic, Dreamworks, Paramount Pictures, MGM and Skydance Productions and participating in the making of films like RoboCop, Transformers 4: Age of extinction and the more recent Ghost In The Shell.

During the years of his formidable career, he also develops a particular passion for avant-garde technology.

In fact, driven by his propensity for innovation and inspired by futuristic design, he began to devote himself to the industrial design of real products.

He has created Method, a robot of considerable size that seems to come straight out of a science fiction film and ready to be placed on the market by an important Japanese company in the sector.

What else to say… chapeau !!!

Vitaly Bulgarov