If we had to choose three words to describe the real characteristics of this extraordinary digital artist we could only use humor, surrealism and social criticism.

Waldemar was born in Russia, in Tver, where he graduated in Graphic Design from the Art College of his city.

Shortly began to work hard on the realization of metaphorical and visionary illustrations, which are often also some how disturbing.

Dirty and corrupt reality is represented, where sex, power and dominant stereotypes reduce contemporary society into a reality dominated by solitude and alienation.

Subtly, and with humor, Waldemar through his art suggests a social commentary and grotesquely gives us back the reality of the so-called civilized Western world.

His illustrations have been used in various fields such as advertising, publishing and playing cards.

His talent goes hand in hand with his imagination and the result is surprising.

Waldemar von Kozak