Yaniv Fridman is a designer, animator and creative director from Mexico.

In 2005 he graduated in Communication at the Universidad Iberoamericana of Mexico City.

He then began working in the sector, mainly dealing with film editing and motion graphics for several Production Studios.

He also collaborates with a TV network in Mexico City.

Having a great passion for motion graphics, he decided to enroll in the Vancouver Film School (VFS), one of the most prestigious post-secondary educational institutions in the world in the entertainment sector, where he obtained the title of Digital Designer.

As a freelancer, he collaborates with several major agencies in Los Angeles, Vancouver and Toronto for clients such as Boston Consulting Group, Visa and Capital One.

Together with Daniel Luna, internationally renowned creative director and animator, he created the “To Do List”, a masterpiece of creativity created in motion graphics that has been a huge success.

The talent of Yaniv is to turn ideas into reality in a harmonious and personal way, so as to give their customers exclusive works.

Yaniv Fridman