The young artist that we present today is Yuuki Morita, born in 1991 from Japan.

Like any self-respecting Japanese Yuuki is quite reserved, it was not easy to find much information about his life, but fortunately it is not so inaccessible as regards his art and his creations.

For what we are allowed to know we have won several awards in his still short career.

In 2013 he was appointed to the CG Student Awards, an annual event that shows and rewards excellence in computer graphics from students and recent graduates, winning the third place and in the following years he participated in the 3Dtotal Excellent Award and the ZbrushCentral TopRowAward.

Yuuki is currently a freelancer and is delighted in the production of personal projects ranging from sculpture and digital modeling to digital painting.

Among his best known works are certainly Charmander, Bulbasaur or Squirtle, three of the most famous Pokemon that this extraordinary artist has made hyper-realistic, as if they were real monsters.

The software with which Yuuki loves to work are ZBrush for modeling (even if for the hard surface modeling he prefers Maya), Mari for textures and Nuke for compositing.

Meanwhile let’s cheer with these beautiful images, hoping to have news soon 😉

Yuuki Morita