Zacharias Reinhardt is a German digital artist, born in Dresden almost thirty years ago.

His story with digital art began a long time ago; as a child, with his brother, he began to make some movies in stop motion with a simple video camera.

This experience represents his first contact with a technological medium and the enthusiasm for animation and filming has been so great that it has led him to transform, over time, his great hobby in his profession.

At the age of fifteen, he bought his first digital camera, and made a short films, integrating them with visual effects.

At that time he started to work with Blender and other VFX tools to implement his skills with 3D content.

He also try Cinema 4D, which began to use thanks to the greater simplicity of the interface. But Zacharias give his best using Blender and in 2013, become a Blender Foundation Certified Trainer.

Together with his brother he created the company AgenZasBrothers, which he left in 2016 to devote himself entirely to his career as a freelance 3D artist.

Zacharias Reinhardt