Zeen Chin is a Illustrator and Concept Artist based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Zeen is completely self-taught: as a child, he fell in love with Katsuya Terada’s artworks, and tried to emulate his style without watercolours.

That’s when he bought a Wacom and started practising digital painting.

After working as a 2D Lead Flash Animator and Art Director for several Malaysian 3D CGI animation studios, he has embraced a freelance career.

He has developed successful local TV commercials and video game animations, and is currently realizing card art for Legend of the Cryptids and for Applibot’s Galaxy Saga, illustrations and concept art for the board game Kingdom Death. Zeen’s works are deeply influenced by his native Asian culture and his childhood memories: he likes to mix a childish happiness and innocence with dark and magical mysticism and memories from creepy horror movies.

His digital paintings show his expertise in colour and technique: they are elegant, suggestive, vivid, dissonant and unpredictable, and feature anime-like characters together with cartoonish, folklore-inspired beasts.

Zeen Chin