Lucca Comics & Games 2018. Ito, Adams, McKean and Lacuna Coil will be on the guests list this year.

The festival has commissioned a  manifest to LMRZ for its 52nd edition. It will focus on Italian Creativity


The 52nd edition of Lucca Comics & Games will focus on the Made in Italy.

It will be on from October the 31st to November the 4th.

The most important Comics and Games European Festival will highlight our country, will commemorate italian artists, game designers and animators who showed remarkable inventions and creativity skills.

These qualities can be found on the advertising poster.


A new poster


The new manifest was very successful thanks to Lorenzo Ceccotti,also known as Lrnzwho is a designer and cartoonist from Rome.

Ceccotti was able to display a different image after each visualization thanks to the help of Studio Kmzero and its algorithmic graphics.

They used a  new software able to generate new images keeping the same setting but adding new features,clothes and objects.

Anyone can make his/her own personal avatar-poster on the festival website.

A new and unique artistic initiative that embraces and enhances Kermesse intentions.

Lrnz will have his own exhibition at Palazzo Ducale where he will put together his works such as Superamici, Golem, Astrogramma and Molonit.

These are all different projects with the same distinguishable and captivating traits.

Kermesse Poster will be there of course!

Sara Colaonecartoonist and illustrator, will have her own exhibition as well.She tells stories about italian emigration in her illustrated novels ( Ciao ciao bambina), homosexual confinement ( In Italia sono tutti maschi), Leda Rafanelli story ( Leda, which won the Gran Guinigi for best designer).


International guests


Although the organization focuses on italian arts, International guests and big brands will be part of the Festival.

Jérémie Moreau, a young french talent who is considered to be a rising star in the Bandes dessinee books, will show his masterpieces such as Max Winson and The Grim Saga.

He will exhibit his work in Italy for the first time.

Junji Itō, a japanese cartoonist famous for his ability to combine horror and japanese features with an original graphic realism, like in Hino and Umezz.

He was able to give a brutal but elegant vibe because of his medical knowledge from his prior career as prosthodontic.

Apart from his personal style capable of catching the audience attention, we can also find intellectual themes in his work.

He focuses on psychological introspection and social criticism, based on Hitchcock, Lovecraft and King, Dore, Esher and Bosh.

He will be one of the main guests at Lucca Comics & Games 2018.

Arthur Adams, world famous cartoonist ( Marvel, Dc, Dark House), Mikio Ikemoto ( Boruto), Leji Matsumoto ( capitan Harlock and Galaxy Express 999) and Dave McKean ( creator of Sandman with Neil Gaiman) will be there among other guests.


Lacuna Coil on stage

Since the festival will highlights italian names, Lacuna Coil will be on stage this year.

An italian band who started 20 years ago,  capable of moving millions of people from all over the world.

The will be on stage on Halloween, October 31st.

Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro are very familiar with them because of their  passion for games, comics and illustrations. These are great reasons not to miss the Lucca Comics & Games Festival this year.