Master in Computer Grafica at BigRock

Master in Computer Grafica at BigRock


The Master in Computer Graphics by BigRock faces the entire process of a Computer Graphics production.

The program provides for students to be divided into four groups, each program does four subjects in four weeks. When faced with the materials, each group is dissolved and reshaped to follow a new four-week module.

During the lessons, every student is entrusted with increasing difficulty exercises that can be completed in a personalized way by using the lessons learned.

At the end of the Master, these exercises become the starting point for preparing the first showreel.

Students are constantly being tested and their interest and their competitive spirit stimulated. Each one is then subjected to online public opinion.

It is an exercise that drives students to confront the outside, reconsider their work in the light of received feedback and thus improve themselves. Finally, the master expects to have a half-course break.

The course opens with the acquisition of the basic skills of the Maya software, to continue with the Character and Paintover study, modeling and sculpting, rigging (both basic and advanced), the Phyton programming bases, texturing and lighting, animation and compositing to the acquisition of knowledge for the best use of After Effects.


The school is located in Roncade (TV), the duration of the course is 21 weeks and the total cost is 6.200,00 EUR excluding VAT.




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