Master in Visual FX at IMasterart Academy

Master in Visual FX at IMasterart Academy


IMasterart Academy, with headquarters in Turin, Milan, Genoa, Rome and Bologna, focuses on a multidisciplinary team of professionals who work in deep conviction to meet the needs of students and bring them to satisfactory results, it is necessary to establish a strong group spirit which induces individuals to make available the common end, that is, the good work of theirs, their talent.

The IMasterart Academy training offer includes:

  • Mastering Maya
  • Advanced Digital Artist
  • Digital Illustration
  • Motion Graphics & Design
  • Videogames Design & Production
  • Comix
  • Coding
  • Visual FX.


The VFX course is aimed at those who intend to work in medium and large film and advertising productions.

It lasts two years, during which four modules are submitted to the students: Fundamentals, Startup, Production and Master Project.

The top three have a duration of eighteen months and include frontal lessons, laboratory hours and tutoring conducted by the Master’s coach.

At this point, students are introduced to Maya, Nuke and Nuke advanced, Python I Maya and Fix I Maya, Houdini and Procedural Houdini, Python II Houdini & Nuke, Fx II, Fluids And Pyro in Houdini and Nurbs Advanced Modeling.

Learn about Photoshop for Basic Texturing and Lookdev and Polygonal Modeling I, II, III, compare with Animation startUp and advanced texturing in Pitex, Zbrush, Mudbox and Photoshop, use Zbrush, Mudbox and Character Modeling.

Finally they use character rigging in Maya and Character Animation, video based Motion capture and Mach Mover.

The fourth module Master Project occupies the last three months of the course and includes a group work supervised by VFX industry professionals.

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