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Microsoft Surface Studio: An alternative to Mac for creators - Nuts Computer Graphics

Microsoft Surface Studio: An alternative to Mac for creators

Microsoft Surface Studio: An alternative to Mac for creators


Surface Studio is a very high-end machine designed entirely for creative.

It’s the definitive PC of the category, for those that have something to do with the digital world.

Surface Studio is an all-in-one, components are integrated into the display cabinet, which is extremely thin. But it’s not a traditional all-in-one, especially since Microsoft designed it to use not only with the mouse and keyboard.

Surface Studio has been designed to accompany professionals through all phases of the creative process. But let’s see how it is done:



The Pixel Sense Display is a huge screen designed to process all types of work. It has a depth of color and a surprising screen size that brings its users to see clear details of their work.
It can be used in its classical position or in a highly innovative way, like a drawing table. The support allows you to recline the display almost completely, and have the experience of a drawing table. You can put your hand on the screen as you would with paper and pen. You can paint, write and draw naturally like on a large canvas.
The display is fixed to the base using the Zero Gravity Hinge, a hinge that allows to easily tilt the screen with the touch of a hand, to form a 20 degree angle. Its supports have a glossy finish that should reflect the surrounding environment to blend in with the background and reduce distractions. The 28-inch display with 13.5 million pixels is therefore the slimmest in the world.
Screen resolution is 4500 × 3000 pixels, 63% more than a 4K TV. The panel is True Color, then reproduces exactly the actual colors and can change the color space through the Windows 10 settings.


Surface Tools

To help bring ideas to life Microsoft has designed accessories that work perfectly with Surface:


  • Surface Pen: It’s an intuitive tool for creating your content. It has 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity, has a 12-month battery and also works with Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book.
  • Deal Surface : a special tool to use on the screen or simply leaning on the desk. Working with all Surface Line products, Dial allows you to interact with images and documents quickly and easily: with a simple rotation, you can zoom in and browse pages. But the real news is the interaction with the drawing surface: to name a few examples, shortcuts to commands and color palettes.
  • Surface Ergonomic Keyboard: With its innovative design, thanks to its geometric lines, it looks well with its work space and, at the same time, protects the wrist, enhancing its typing.
  • Surface mouse: To complement the range of accessories could not miss the mouse, carved for hand and designed for a simple and elegant work space.

Free from Password
Finally it also changes how to use passwords for access. Free absurd sequences of letters and numbers that can’t be remembered, access to your device will take place without the use of hands. In fact, the log-in will be through face recognition through the integrated camera, allowing you to match multiple faces corresponding to different accounts.


Configurations and Costs

The Surface Studio is available in the following configurations:


  • Intel Core i5, 8 GB di RAM, hard disk da 1 TB, GPU GeForce GTX 965M: 2.999 $
  • Intel Core i7, 16 GB di RAM, hard disk da 1 TB, GPU GeForce GTX 965M: 3.499 $
  • Intel Core i7, 32 GB di RAM, hard disk da 2 TB, GPU GeForce GTX 980M: 4.199 $

In the box are included keyboard, mouse and pen.