Special Effects Course and VFX at Animatika

Special Effects Course and VFX at Animatika


He has been active in Rome for eight years, Animatika has founders like Nicola Sganga, who win the David Donatello Prize for best VFX achievement in the movie Romanzo Criminale by Michele Placido and Il Divo by Paolo Sorrentino.

The Sganga School, among its courses, includes those of Virtual Architecture and Digital Art, but the diamond tip seems to be just  the Special Effects and VFX course. With this course, Animatika has created an unicum in Italy, a three-year school that promises to prepare students for a career in entertainment, through the learning of major cinematographic and architectural techniques.

Animatika’s course certainly has a great value: that of completeness.

Starting from theoretical and practical theories of plastic anatomy, design and sculpture, providing a traditional art base, offers the student the opportunity to deal with digital organic modeling and then develop an understanding of shape, structure and in detail of the 3D model.

The course also provides students with the skills to use particle systems and dynamics included in 3D software, useful for generating contributions to be used in compositing.

The study of movement and the ability to manage the animation curves, together with the analysis and observation of moving things, allow instead to learn the basic tools of character animation.

They complete the course on the digital and analog recording process, those on lighting techniques and attention to the camera’s manual control tools.

Here is a list of what, Animatika students, learn at the end of the course:

– to use matte painting software;

– to use cinematographic animation techniques such as, for example, stop motion;

– To know theoretically and virtually the techniques for the realization of pictorial trick;

– to design and design specific concepts, for example, of film creatures;

– to use one of the basic figures for handling and combining images;

– compositing;

– to use 3D tracking and model making, mold making and prop making techniques;

– to know the fundamentals of figurative sculpture; – to use 3D scanning software;

– to use the techniques used for the scenography and the stage preparation equipment for cinema;

– have specific skills for simulating physical movements through electronic and robotic components.

The cost of the course is 7,000.00 EUR plus VAT and lasts for three years.


Sito web: www.animatika.it


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