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Streamy Awards: The Oscars of the Web - Nuts Computer Graphics

Streamy Awards: The Oscars of the Web

The annual event honors and recognizes the best in online series and special effects


The Streamy Awards is recognizing excellence to YouTube since it has became an icon in the movie industry.

The eighth annual ceremony Streamy Awards will be held this September.

It is produced in Los Angeles by Dick Clark Productions and Tubefilter and honors and brings together the biggest names in online videos and series for a night of celebration and recognition.

Streamy Awards Nominees and Winners, which will be announced this month, are determined by the Streamys Blue Ribbon Panel, a judging body of creators, executives, and other experts in the online video industry.

Fans nominate their favorite creators and shows in select Streamy Awards categories.The award ceremony was the first one to be streamed online in the whole world.


Vfx and Sfx awards

The Streamy Awards is composed of over 30 awards honoring excellence in a variety of contents and areas of expertise such as action, animated videos, comedies and documentaries.

These are both for single shows and for series. Not to forget foreign videos, outside USA and Canada.

Nuts is interested in the awards for technical achievement, especially for visual and special effects.

We found something unexpected in our research ( actually not that surprising) about the last three annual ceremonies.

Corridor Digital seems to be one of the top end. We’re talking about names such as Sam Gorski, Niko Pueringer ( 2015-2016) and Jake Watson.


Domina Corridor Digital

It is one of the most rated channels on YouTube. It was funded in 2010 and today counts more that 751 million views and 5 million subscribers.

They specialized in light parodies such as Bohemian Rapsody by The Queen as well as serious series and video games such as web series Rush, inspired by Battlefield.

They reached such a big audience because of the quality of their videos and the ability to play with Vfx and Sfx. They became the most critically acclaimed channel.

Corridor Crew is their second channel. Made for those interested in knowing more about the artistic aspect and behind the scenes of Corridor Digital.

Here, Gorski and Pueringer, the two founders, share their daily routine behind their creations.


More Winners

Apart  from Corridor, The Streamy Awards were given four different times to other visual and special effects.

First, to Erik Beck in 2009 for Backyard Fx (an online tutorial for handmade special effects); to Jason Bergman, Nicholas Onstad, Bethany Onstad, Jason Knetge, Erik Porn, Ikuo Saito, David Dang for Fear Clinic in 2010 ( online series on the adventures of Dr Andover, a psychiatric who lost his licence but decide to treat people fears); to Oliver Hotz e Matthew A. Rubin for Dr0ne in 2013 ( a strong and fast humanoid is the new weapon on the battlefield); to Daniel Hashimoto for Action Movie Kid in 2014 (  the creator son is the main character of many dangerous adventures created in post production).

You should also check out other premium YouTube Channels, apart from the ones mentioned above, such as Nukazooka, Rocket Jump, Film Riot o Roster Teeth.