VFX & Post Production Courses and VFX Master Class at Mykey Studios

VFX & Post Production Courses and VFX Master Class at Mykey Studios


The Milan School Mykey Studios, with its diverse training team, is an important reference point for those who want to become a professional in the industry of digital graphics.

Mykey Studios aims to provide effective training that allows not only to learn how to use individual software, but to understand the real production techniques and to perform, through the simultaneous use of tools, complete and professional work .

In addition to Computer Graphics, Rendering Character, Rigging and Post Production, the school also offers Visual Effects courses.

VFX & Post Production of Mykey Studios gives students the opportunity to study the most complex VFX creation techniques currently used in prestigious film productions.

Among the modules provided, we find Houdini Core Module, Nuke Core Module, After Effects, Hudini 101 and Nuke Essential.

Houdini Core Module allows students to approach professional special effects software, used in movie productions, as well as in television, video games and other multimedia products.

After Effetcs allows you to understand the potential of the software and to know the basic tools for working on video and graphics.

Nuke Essential is a basic module, while Nuke Core Module is an advanced course that allows professionals who intend to develop specific skills in creating movies, animations, and multimedia commercial content or television programs, to gain confidence with a powerful and widely diffused compositing software.

Finally, Mykey Studios VFX Master Class explores the techniques of making complex Dynamic Fluorescent Effects in Maya, the interactions between Rigid Bodies, Nuke’s advanced composing, and allows you to study scripting techniques in MEL and Python to manage and optimize the effects created.

At the end of the course, the class creates a scene containing shot and VFX from the complex post production.


The master has a duration of 6 months and a total cost of 5,846.24 EUR including VAT.


Sito web: www.mykeystudios.it


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