VFX Supervisor course at ViFX School of Visual Effects

VFX Supervisor course at ViFX School of Visual Effects


ViFX is a school located in Thienese (VI), which, in addition to teaching the use of the main computer graphics software, works well between students and production houses, professional studios and experts in the digital world.

The VFX course for film makers developed by ViFX offers students teacher like Victor Perez, an eclectic, world-renowned professional.

Award-winning Visual Effects Artist with over fifteen years of experience in computer graphics, digital grading and visual effects production, Perez is also producer and film director hosted at international festivals and Nuke Master certified by The Foundry.

The student of the course proposed by ViFX is started to study the foundations of compositing, learn how to handle a script, learn video editing techniques and professionally create visual effects. But he also has the opportunity, with Perez’s support, to plan and shoot the framing that he devised in the lessons.

He learns not only about dealing with software such as Nuke but, as revealed by Stefano Bagnoli (a former pupil of Perez at ViFIX, VFX Editor in Frame by Frame, and VFX Editor in the movie Gabriele Salvatores’s Invisible Boy) he discovers what is “the language of compositing, his grammar,” he learns, “to develop a subjective criticism on the world of digital visual effects.”


The cost of the course is 3,600.00 EUR plus VAT and lasts for two weeks.


Sito web: http://www.vifx.it


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